Each piece is handmade from recycled sterling silver and requires delicate handling. Please store your jewellery in the pouch provided and avoid hot water, make-up, perfume, chemicals, and sweat to increase the longevity of your piece. In case of oxidisation, please use a soft cloth and gently clean.

Gold vermeil

Gold vermeil is a layer of gold over a base of sterling silver. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee how long the gold layer will stay in impeccable condition, as it depends on how it is worn and handled. Please avoid soap, perfume, chemicals and sweat 



Released from Love is made to last centuries not seasons using a stringent quality assurance process, and we guarantee jewellery free of manufacturing defects. However, we understand that accidents happen.

Released from Love cannot be held responsible for defects caused by improper use, carelessness, aesthetic changes, and damage due to normal wear and tear, however we are able to offer an in-house restoration and repairs service. 

Please refer to the rate cards below that are based off Australian industry standards.     

Cleaning & Polishing: $39 for silver and $89 for gold vermeil (this price also include re-plating). 

Repairing Broken or Bent Posts: $49 for silver and $99 for gold vermeil (this price also includes polishing and re-plating). 

Repairing Chains: Between $49 - $149 for sterling silver and gold vermeil. 

Replacing Butterfly Backs: $19 for silver and $29 for gold vermeil. 

Please email us at to fully discuss your situation and we can provide more information.  


Each piece goes through our 12 step quality assurance program prior to release.

Steps 1-8: Iterative prototyping that follows rules of improve, recycle, or keep.

Step 9: Prototype finalised. 

Step 10: Piece is cast in recycled sterling silver, sanded, soldered and polished. 

Steps 11-12: Each piece is spot-checked by founders Hannah Roche and Lachlan Malone prior to release.