Hannah & LD met in 2007. Hannah was studying Creative Industries while LD was touring in underground bands & working on a PhD in Ideology & Culture. The two immediately connected.

Over the next several years, they pursued photography & philosophy. Hannah's work has taken her to Milan, Paris, London, Sydney & New Zealand for brands like Chanel, Vogue & Net-A-Porter while LD worked in Europe, North America & Australia as a philosopher. In 2018 they married. Both had a clear idea of what their wedding rings must signify, and so learned traditional jewellery making before designing and hand-making one another’s ring.

Merging their knowledge of fashion, philosophy & jewellery, they founded Released from Love on their first marriage anniversary. Hannah & LD live in Sydney Australia and run Released from Love from their Paddington studio where they also live.  


Aesthetic Commandments 

Commandment 1. Gender Neutral. Nothing is designed or made as 'male' or 'female.' 

Commandment 2. Conceptual. Concepts are our technical drawings.

Commandment 3. Utilitarianism Follows Contrarianism. All pieces must first always rebel against outdated ideas of jewellery before being designed as practical objects.

Commandment 4. Everyday Statements. All pieces are made with big ideas but in small sizes and our earrings weigh 11 grams or less. 

Commandment 5. Trans-seasonal Versatility. All pieces are designed to be worn all year round. 

Commandment 6. Made To Last Centuries Not Seasons. All pieces are made using a stringent 12 step quality assurance process.

Commandment 7. Ethically Made. Designed & made in Sydney Australia by a small group of goldsmiths and silversmiths using experimental practices & ancient methods that date back 6,000 years. 

Commandment 8. Precious Metals. All pieces are made from recycled Australian sterling silver and 23ct yellow gold vermeil.

Commandment 9. No Landfill. Our packaging is made from FSC certified paper and our jewellery bags are made from fairtrade cotton. We repair accidentally damaged pieces using our in-house restorations and repairs service, and all scrap metal is recycled to make new pieces.